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Reclaimed Wood Siding

E&K's reclaimed barn wood siding is a combination of various species reclaimed from historic barns, stables, and farmhouses. It features a uniquely weathered gray surface showing the patina of age in a range of tones, and is typically sold "As Is," in an organic blend of mixed species, widths, and lengths.

Traditionally, barn wood siding was either left unpainted, or was painted classic barn red, or, more rarely, white. Our vintage painted wood siding features a range of solid to flaky paint coverage, reflecting each board's individual exposure to weathering over time. Occasionally we find vintage barn siding that was originally painted in other colors, such as blues or greens---please contact us if you're looking for a unique color.

We can provide our reclaimed barn wood siding either unmilled, with weathered natural edges, or milled into paneling and finished to our customers' unique specifications. This provides material suitable for traditional to contemporary applications.


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