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E & K intage Wood Flooring
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EandK Vintage Wood Flooring

The unique beauty and character of vintage wood and reclaimed wood flooring cannot be replicated with new wood. At E & K Vintage Wood we mill our own flooring from the highest quality reclaimed material carefully collected from age old barns and historical buildings. In addition we search far and wide for original antique wood floor that has been carefully removed during deconstruction. The boards are sorted individually and only the best with the most unique and beautiful grain, figuring and character are selected to renew their life as flooring, all in the spirit of eco-consciousness and green lifestyle.

E & K offers both engineered and solid wood flooring. All our flooring samples can be made into reclaimed wood paneling and reclaimed wood siding providing custom finishes for material that will be exposed to the elements.
E & K is uniquely experienced and qualified to work on large commercial and small residential projects for both traditional and modern to contemporary interiors.

E & K offers a wide range of carefully handcrafted standard and custom finishes and milling. Our experienced team can create your very own finish to best translate the exquisite antique look and feel, the rich patina, luxurious tones and warmth that only centuries old reclaimed wood can truly express in a traditional home. As well the character, uniqueness and charm of vintage wood will beautifully complement the more modern textures and colors that today’s contemporary architecture and design command.

Flooring samples are available to help you create the perfect look in your home.

For more information see: Douglas Fir, Oak & More.


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